Weekly Classes

The following classes are included in your membership fee – reservations are required.



8AM: Yoga with Molly – 45 minutes

10AM: Stability Ball / Body Sculpt with Molly – 60 minutes


7PM – 8PM: Qigong with Heather

8:10AM – 8:40AM GET ER DONE with Barb


8AM: Yin Yoga with Lisa – 45 minutes

Qigong 8:30-9:00am (open to everyone) starts Feb 2nd

Register for the month or pay as you go

Awaken and energize the body with gentle movement and breathing techniques.

Decrease stress and tension in the muscles and joints.  

Learn methods to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, lung capacity and general vitality and have fun doing it 🙂

No experience necessary.  All ages and abilities welcome.

Cost: $15 /class

Qigong 7:30-8:30pm (women only)  starts Feb 2nd

Registration is for 7 week sessions

 Each session will be an exploration and support for different qualities within us all.  Movement, breathwork, wisdom teachings, acupressure and self massage will all come together to help heal, honour and strengthen different divine qualities within you and work to bring them together in balance and harmony for you to live more fully, vibrantly and self-supported.  Learn to bring your whole self forward with joy into all aspects of your life

Cost is $20 /class

9AM – 10AM: Yin Yoga with Molly

4:45PM – 5:30PM: Pilates with Eliza


9AM: Stability Ball Class with Jodi

8:10AM – 8:40AM GET ER DONE with Barb


9AM – 10AM: Yoga with Molly


Qigong ~ Living Alive Outdoor Walk/ Class  2:00-3:00pm

(open to everyone, sorry no on-line option at this time)

This is a class born of curiosity and love of the natural world around us.  We will invite opportunities from nature to teach us, inspire us, heal us and expand us so that we may begin again to walk through our days fully alive.  Enjoy some beauty, fresh air and fabulous company while learning how to tap into the healing properties of your own senses and connect with the elements that make all of life.

This is a pay as you can offering but registration is requested.

9AM: Bootcamp with Jodi