The congenial atmosphere is as comfortable as home: Dale

I am recently retired. I had been commuting to work in Toronto, leaving on the 6:30 AM GO train and returning home at 6:45 PM. My main source of daily exercise was my 20 minute walk between Union Station and work and watching the 20 Minute Workout on TV.

When I first discovered that there was going to be a fitness studio right here in Glen Williams, I became really excited. Some years ago, my doctor informed me that I was a good candidate for developing osteoporosis, and put me on a regimen of medication. Last year, she released me from the “pills” and suggested that a personal trainer would be an asset.

Tentatively, I ventured into the Glen Fitness Studio to take a peek. I was immediately overwhelmed and intimidated by the numerous, hulking, metal, gearladen, exercise machines, leering at me around every corner. I wasn’t sure if I could tame these monsters.

Barb sedated me and after a brief conversation about my concerns of knee pain, weak wrists, and tingling fingers, as well as my two major goals – an outstanding result from my next bone density test and sufficient arm strength to push the lawnmower for many years to come, Barb offered me a brief assessment in the form of some simple stretches and easy moves.

When I mentioned how intimidated I was about the equipment, she gave me a complete tour and demonstration along with the assurance that they are easily adjusted to accommodate my needs. I realized then that this was exactly what I needed and had been looking for.

Barb designed a training program specifically for me and changes it up often in order to challenge me. In 5 short months, I’ve tried every machine. My wrists are much stronger. The tingling in my fingers is reduced and my knees are pain free. I have so much more confidence in what I can achieve and I love going to the gym. The congenial atmosphere is as comfortable as home. I’m so looking forward to my next session!

D. Cox