Summer is fast approaching as are our summer clothes…

By Kelli Irwin

Focus on the lighter side of diets to help slim down. Eat as many fresh veggies as you can. The closer they are to their raw form, the more nutrients they will still contain.

Eat 4 to 5 times a day. Don’t starve… If you do, your body will start eating your muscle, not your fat. Our bodies value our fat over our muscle. We are actually decreasing our metabolisms when we go without food. The feeling of hunger subsides, however that is only because your body has already feasted on your own muscle mass.

Don’t believe the rumours that all calories are created equal. Liquid calories such as pop, juice and alcohol significantly impact your system.

Skip the sweet sipping and opt for water. Try adding lemon juice if you have trouble with plain water.

sTry adding ground cinnamon to your coffee grinds, prior to percolating. This will give you a nice flavour, as well as:

  • a boost to your metabolism
  • work as an anti-inflammatory for both joints and intestines
  • aid in the stabilization of your blood sugar.

What is your plan for a slimmer summer?

By Kelli Irwin