Sport Qigong workshop: Get more out of your workout and your game!

Sport Qigong Workshop
Monday April 24th, 7-8PM

“Working with the techniques of Qigong has greatly enhanced my abilities to coach, to play volleyball (now in my sixth decade!) and improve my general well-being. I consider it a plus for all athletes.”

~Gerry Matacotta, inducted into the American Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame 2011

Top-level athletes who swear by Qigong include:

NBA legend Robert Parrish; Bruce Lee; Tiger Woods; Jet Li; Ken Watanabe; Wayne Prime of San Jose Sharks; Kevin McMahon (2x Olympic Champion hammer thrower) of University of Virginia Swim Team & Tennis team Cal Poly, Division 1 School Athletics; China’s Olympic athletes.


  • Increased energy & endurance
  • quicker reaction time
  • build bone density & muscle mass
  • faster recovery from injuries or illness
  • improve balance & co-ordination
  • lower blood sugar & pressure
  • improve flexibility

It’s simple and safe for all levels of abilities and all ages.

Instructor: Heather Meneses

Free to all members!