She (Kelli) knows the struggles of weight loss, I can do this too

I decided to take a look at Glen Fitness after a young man dropped off a postcard while I was working in the front garden watering my flowers. I saw Kelli’s card and I thought, “If I could work with her, look what she accomplished, she knows the struggles of weight loss, I can do this too.”

I went into the house and told my husband that I was going to see what this place was about, enough is enough. I walked in and was greeted by Barbara Gill. What a warm welcome I received! I loved the fact that Glen Fitness wasn’t your typical gym. It was just like dropping in at a friend’s house to hang out and do some fun stuff. Barb introduced me to Kelli and I immediately felt comfortable and willing to share my story.

I have been at the gym since October and have lost some weight with more to go, but I feel energized and supported in my journey for sure. Looking at the before and after pictures only after 4 months, including Thanksgiving/Vacation and Christmas I am well on my way to my goals.


Kelli is my inspiration along with a few other members (Ginny) at Glen Fitness. Everyone is cheering for you, no negative thoughts are allowed, no putting yourself down. I love that Kelli encourages me to do better at every session.

I would like to thank Barb, Kelli and Jodi for all the encouragement and positive vibes!

Wendy Palmer