The gym experience is working for me

I’m a senior male in my 70’s. I sat at a desk for my entire working life. I inherited genes with heart issues.

I approached the matter of a gym, admittedly late in life, with some hesitation. My wife Lynn and I, however, were encouraged by our neighbours Dave and Cheryl to try the Glen Fitness Gym in Glen Williams.

We went. I was really just wanting to seek some cardio help and at the time I was only thinking “treadmills”. They are there alright but in addition I found personable and knowledgeable instructors in owner Barb Gill and her assistant Kelli. I found elliptical machines, bosu balls, free weights, stretching exercises, a multitude of other machines whose names escape me for the moment but all of which I now use…not all the time. I try to vary my exercise routines.

I try not to over-do things. I do feel bad if I miss going for several days in a row. However when I do go I figure that any work-out I do is better than not doing anything. I do feel better. The gym experience is working for me. With Wayne Gill’s guidance I learned some floor mat exercises such as something he calls the “plank”. It’s not for everyone but that is one that can help tighten muscles around the belt-line and most males can use some help there.

So what I initially sought from the gym was quite limited. What I got was a lot more.

I want to thank the Gills for being entrepreneurial, for taking the business risk and for locating in Halton Hills.