Molly Mackenzie: Yoga Instructor

(200 hour Yoga Instructor certification)
Molly Mackenzie

I am very grateful to be part of the Glen Fitness community and able to share my love of yoga! It is an amazingly transformative practice that can help you connect to your body, your breath and your inner self. My goal as a teacher is for students to leave each class feeling strong and calm and ready for what comes next in their day.

I have a background in Ballet and modern dance and have been practicing yoga for 20 years. I have a 200 hour Yoga Instructor certification with a focus on Vinyasa Flow. I am presently studying Yoga Nidra and am very interested in how yoga can improve overall health and happiness.

What I love about yoga is how incredibly flexible (ha!) it is. It’s a very accepting practice that changes day to day based on how a person feels and what their body and mind needs in that present moment. My inspiration for each class is the people in front of me — the spirit of the class is shaped by the wonderful individual energy that each student brings.