Lisa Capobianco

Yoga Instructor (Yogafit 200RYT, Canfit Pro FIS, Canfit Pro PTS, First Aid, CPR/AED, Reebok Spin )

Fitness has been a part of my life since my teen years, but I found my true passion for teaching and training 15 years ago and have never looked back.
I have coached beginners and intermediate levels in all aspects of fitness: yoga, weight training, cardio, and core. There is a workout plan for everyBODY and every fitness level. I am a firm believer in living a healthy lifestyle and listening to your body.

I fell in love with yoga a few years ago. Teaching and doing my own practice has transformed my life. There are so many benefits to a regular yoga practice – strength, flexibility, quality of life, and BREATHING DEEPER!

The best reward of my job is seeing the smiles of my clients after they finish their workout and watching them transform. Physically they get stronger and leaner, they are less stressed and feel better about themselves.

Every journey begins with a single step. You will never get to the finish if you don’t start now.

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