Yoga Instructor (Yogafit 200RYT, Canfit Pro FIS, Canfit Pro PTS, First Aid, CPR/AED, Reebok Spin )

I grew up playing all kinds of sports from baseball to rugby and then covid sadly put a stop to organized sports for me. I spent the next couple years landscaping and staying fit through my work but never taking my fitness seriously. Eventually I hit a point where I was unhappy with my physical shape and I decided to start using the family gym and got serious. I transformed the fat into muscle and went from a weight at which I was disappointed with to being heavier but happy with the muscle I’d put on. I hope I can help you make a change to where you can feel happy with your body. 

I’m a young man determined and ready to help you with whatever your physical goals are. I may not have the most experience but I am always learning and willing to grow my skill set; if there’s something I don’t fully understand I’ll always make sure I have a complete understanding of it before I bring it to my clients.

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