Heather Meneses

Qigong Instructor

Heather is a registered Chinese Medical practitioner and acupuncturist with over 16 years of experience and is a qualified level II Qigong Instructor and medical Qigong practitioner. She is currently the owner and lead practitioner of balanced, a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic located at The Ancient Way in Georgetown and teaches Qigong privately and in group classes and retreats. At her clinic, she treats a full range of complaints from physical pain and impairment, internal imbalance, prenatal induction and labour support, to cosmetic and rejuvenation techniques.

I was drawn to the practical and common sense approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when I was a teenager through watching my mom practice in BC. After completing a degree from The University of Western Ontario, my desire to take more ownership and control of my own health and the health of my family, led me to my own personal study and pursuit of TCM.

In TCM there is an understanding that good health is more than a sum of our physical parts and that each person is a unique expression of their circumstances and environment. In my practice, my teaching and my day to day, I strive to embody this philosophy and treat each person as the unique individual they are and can become. With each breath, there is a potential for change and the potential for us to choose what that change can look like.

Qigong is a traditional Chinese exercise synchronizing movement, breath and mind that has been taught and practiced for centuries to support vibrant health & longevity ~ reducing stress, improving mental focus & physical health. Through a series of gentle movements and specialized breathing, people of all ages and abilities can learn to support their own health, exercise, and work and bring a mindfulness and confidence into their everyday lives.

My personal journey with Qigong started in the winter of 2011, when I had the honour to study with internationally acclaimed, Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor Daisy Lee. I immediately felt the healing and strengthening effects of Qigong and was encouraged to continue my education and gain a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of the practice by learning from other international teachers, including Mantak Chia, Ming Kit Kwan and Sifu Franciso Wu Qin Xi.

It has been a continuing honour and delight to be able to share these beautiful teachings with others. The classes I have taught have taken me from BC, Costa Rica, Toronto, to Ballinifad. I would like to thank Barb and the whole GFS family for creating this beautiful home space for my Qigong classes in Georgetown and offering them with open arms to the community. Please let me know if you have any requests for special topics that we can add to our classes☺

“The simplicity of breath can create powerful change if given space” ~ anon.

Website: balancedacupuncture.ca ~ for info and appointments

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