Barbara Gill

(Owner, CanFit Pro, HPFA, Cancer Well Fit Certified, First Aid, CPR/AED)

“I have never been a fan of larger big-box gyms; I prefer a health club that has a more personal feel.

I looked all over Georgetown for a fitness center that would fit my needs. Unable to find one, I opened the Glen Fitness Studio in October 2013.

This is a fitness club that is welcoming, spotlessly clean, and professional. It’s a space in which people of all ages and fitness levels can feel at home and comfortable working out. The gym is a place to feel safe – no intimidation!

Keeping our bodies moving and
getting stronger is what it’s all about!

I have a wonderful and very supportive husband Wayne and a son who is now in his 20’s. We lived overseas for more than 20 years and just returned to Canada in 2013.

The gym was a second career for me. I started to train through a 2 year personal trainer program through the Health and Fitness Professionals Association in South Africa. Living in Africa, we were able to do many wonderful and exciting things… walking across the salt pans in the Kalahari Desert; scuba diving in Africa, the Seychelles and the Caribbean; and sailing a 43 foot sailboat from Cape Town South Africa to Trinidad and Tobago.”

Barbara has always lived a very active lifestyle and has continued in fitness because of the feelings that come with it; especially the muscle soreness after a hard workout. Being fit and active has been a huge advantage for Barb, as she has never been held back by limitations of her own body while adventuring around the world or doing humanitarian work in Africa.

The year she turned fifty she decided she needed a new challenge in her life and entered a number of 100+ kilometer bike races.

Currently Barbara and her family are still residents of the Erin/Halton hills region.

Barb Believes that fitness needs to be part of a healthy lifestyle to ensure that as we age, we have the mobility, strength, energy and balance to lead a full and healthy life.

By completing a thorough fitness assessment, Barb will help to identify limitations and areas needing the most focus as well as help you to create fitness goals and re-discover what physical activities interest you the most. With all this information Barb will be able to form the perfect program for each individual that suits their needs and pushes them toward their

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