Allison Monett: Yoga Instructor

(Yoga Instructor; Certification: ryt200, Restorative Yoga and PreNatal)
Allison Monett Yoga Instructor

20 years ago I first turned to Yoga on a purely physical level. I had just undergone a major back surgery, halting my very active lifestyle. In the aftermath I was looking for a method of pain management that would give me back the sense of freedom and movement that I had been missing. Initially yoga seemed to be a practice that would not be kind to someone with physical challenges and I eventually became deterred from continuing. However after undergoing my second back surgery I returned again, but this time with more serious intent. I soon discovered how I could modify the practice to suit my limitations and it became life changing. Yoga truly is for EVERYONE, regardless of the physical challenges you face and I am a happy example.

In the years since my physical practice has evolved to include a more connected, spiritual side. In the midst of a society that applauds the busiest of people who survive on the littlest amount of sleep, those who “hustle hard” and “rise and grind” every day I am on a campaign to get people to give themselves permission to slow down, dig deeper into themselves and discover the very simple things that make them happy.

What makes me happy? Getting dirty in my garden, afternoon naps and my two pugs Chunky and Nutz.