It’s never too late and here’s proof

A Glen Fitness member recently sent us this wonderful letter.

“At my age (73) I ought to be fitter than this,” I told my son.

After years of treatment for cancer, the chemotherapy had taken its toll. Following a series of viruses last winter it seemed that the last vestiges of health and fitness had gone.

I complained to him, “I wish I could get some strength and stamina back.”

“You ought to go to Glen Williams Fitness Studio. Barb Gill has training to help people like you. At least, go and talk to her.”

So I called Barb and set up an appointment, and after assessing my fitness, she started me on simple exercises to loosen me up and improve my balance, including exercises I could do at home.

When Jodi came, she became my trainer. She keeps challenging me to new levels of fitness and strength. Training with Jodi is a lot of fun. Somehow, the training doesn’t seem so hard and time passes quickly as she chats away, while I puff rhythmically through the exercises. And it is all paying off.

I feel better and I am regaining the strength I once had, and thought I had lost forever. I feel comfortable here. Barb and her staff are very friendly, and the atmosphere is like a family with members of my age, older and younger. No one is here to prove him/herself, or show off; we are just people who want to train and become fitter with the help of sympathetic staff in a friendly, and relaxed environment.

It’s never too late and you’re never too old to get started! Give us a call to get on the road to good health.