Qigong for Menopause: Wisdom for all women of all ages

A woman’s body is designed to undergo transformations and times of transition. Age is simply one of these transitions and menopause simply one of the stages of aging.

In Chinese medicine it has beautifully been referred to as our “Second Spring” for over 2000yrs. It is viewed not as a loss but as a beautiful way that the female body helps to conserve energy and blood, a sign of good health and a natural homeostatic way for the body to continue to support a strong and vibrant life.

Qigong instructor Heather Meneses

Chinese medicine does not separate mind and body – the woman’s whole life situation and emotions are considered together. Thus during the natural transition into our menopausal years, various physical and emotional issues can arise and may be vastly different from one woman to another.

Learn traditional strategies and foods from the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and Qigong to support your body through this pivotal transition and throughout your Second Spring.

Be inspired to embrace the potential within your own body, mind and heart to experience the years ahead with joyful anticipation and to celebrate the gifts that menopause has to offer.

Spring Into Spring
4 weeks

No charge for GFS members. $80.00 for the 4 week course for non members.

Wednesday March 29 – April 19

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~foods, exercises, massage, breathing~
to help ease all menopausal symptoms…