I like that its members are of all shapes, sizes, ages and gender

Let me tell you what I really like about being a relatively new member of the Glen Fitness Studio.

I like that it is a community of its own – lots of Glen folks (who I know or know of), lots of folks from outside the Glen, (who I knew of or have come to know.) You can be on your own and escape if you don’t want your neighbour to know what level you are working at on the elliptical or you can with friendly togetherness, share insights and conversation.

I really like that Barb and Kelli are so personable, respectful, and friendly. It always helps when the ‘community’ leaders take an interest in all of its members.

And I like that its members are of all shapes, sizes, ages and gender. We are inspired by the more youthful ones among us and we admire the older ones for being there!

I really like just going in the door. The place and the space is intimate yet separate. I enjoy the art and the artifacts and the architecture. (I swoon over the perfectly curved staircase.) I would really really really like to take it all home with me. Of course it goes without saying that I really like how I feel when I leave.

And the last thing that I really really like is that there isn’t anything that I can think of I don’t like. What a great place to be, as often as I can.