…helping me be the best I can be: Sandra

When I retired at the beginning of this year I knew that one of my goals was to improve my physical fitness. I was however not quite sure how I was going to achieve this.

In the past I had joined several gyms and health clubs but somehow never quite found the right fit for me and always defaulted to walking for my fitness program.

Once the weather started to show signs of Spring I started walking regularly but to my surprise now I was no longer working I didn’t enjoy the alone time so much and found that I didn’t look forward to my daily walks as much as I used to.

One day in April I walked straight into the Glen Fitness Studio and met up with Barb. I immediately felt that this was place I would be comfortable in and would enjoy coming to. Barb set me up with Personal Training sessions with Kelli and I have been enjoying my workouts ever since.

When I was working I was always in the health field and felt that what I was doing was helping people be the best they can be. Now it is my turn to have a little help and Barb and Kelli and the whole team at Glen Fitness Studio are helping me be the best I can be at this stage in my life.

I feel so lucky to live in the Glen and have this opportunity right on my doorstep!

Sandra Bonnie