Health and self-care for caregivers

Did you know that 80% of older adults with long-term health conditions are cared for at home by family and friends? While informal caregivers take a huge amount of stress off the healthcare system, they take on a lot personally, often to the point where they end up needing care or treatment themselves. Self-care is so important for everyone but it’s important that caregivers take care of themselves so they can better help others. Self-care tips for caregivers include the following:

1.Get enough sleep.

2. Make time to exercise and remain physically active.

3. Fuel your body with nutritious foods.

4. Review your own medications with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure they are       safely meeting your personal wellness goals.

5. Stay social – personal connections play an important role in healthy aging.

6. Get support through support groups and access handbooks, toolkits and other resources online or in person. Case managers and support workers can help connect caregivers to services available in their community.

Remember, self-care is not selfish. Read our evidence based resources about caregiving below.

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