What is Functional Fitness and why is it important?

Why is it so important to maintain fitness as we age?

The trend in fitness this year is “functional fitness,” a call to all of us to exercise as we age. Functional fitness is defined as “exercises that train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently”. This has been the ethos of our studio since the day we opened our doors five and a half years ago.

Maintain Your Quality of Life

One of the key points that can be taken away from this fitness trend is that exercise is essential to prevent muscle atrophy.

As we live longer, we must focus on functional fitness to maintain a good quality of life. We recognize that it is difficult for today’s busy professionals to get to the gym regularly; however, this trend reminds every age group that it is either “exercise OR atrophy.”  Let’s choose exercise!  

Improve your mobility and strength

The people inside these doors make the gym what it is. Our members are a unique group of individuals who contribute to the gym’s positive atmosphere. No matter what age, gender or fitness level, everyone feels at home and is a valued member.

Our trainers, Kelli, Jodi, Bryan and Lisa are highly qualified and client specific. They make every effort to ensure that workouts are fun while at the same time improving your mobility, agility, flexibility and strength.

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