Fitness is Hard Work Not Luck

There is no disputing that keeping fit is hard work – physically, but also mentally. Sometimes the body is willing and the mind is not. In every edition of the GFS Newsletter I’ve asked a current member to share his/her fitness story.

Various reasons to workout have been given from developing a bikini bottom to lowering blood pressure, sculpting Michelle Obama arms to improving general strength and whittling down the mid-section to building up bone density. Admirable goals. It’s easy to write the words, but not so easy to turn them into action. Here are some ways to motivate yourself:

  1. Set realistic, measurable, monthly goals. For example, employing the Tanita scale at the studio can determine positives changes that your home weight scale does not. It is here for you.
  2. Take advantage of the choices of equipment at GFS. There is strength training on the Smith, the cable machines and free weights. There is cardio training on the elliptical, treadmill and rowing machines. And don’t forget all the bikes. They are here for you.
  3. Integrate GFS into your life, for life. The human body is made to move and it feels and works so much better when you exercise. We are here for you.

Your fitness pot o’ gold is waiting for you at the end of the rainbow in GFS