I feel healthy and capable like never before

In July of last year a friend and I agreed that it was time to do something to become fit and healthy, considering we were almost 50. Up until then, even though I had tried to work out regularly before, and even had two different personal trainers, I never stuck with it. I have never been athletic or flexible or fit.

For all my life I have struggled with neck problems, tension headaches, back pain and the like. Over the years this had been getting worse.

After signing up for a 3 session trial I decided it was time to give this another go. My goal was to gain strength, balance, and overall health. Today, after finishing 6 months with my trainer, I have reached my goals and so much more.

For the first time in my life do I have core strength and can do all exercises without them causing pain in my back. I never could do any abdominal exercises, (I had 3 C-sections) anytime I tried, my back would hurt too much and so I would give up. Today I can do all kinds of exercises and it makes me happy.

I have good balance, all the aches and pains I had lived with, stiffness in my hip, arthritis like pain in one knee and in one elbow, are gone.. I am more flexible, my energy level is amazing, my body is more toned and I like the way I look. I learned how to make sure to work all opposing muscle groups, stretch well after working out, I learned how to breath well and most of all my posture has improved a lot.

I have become more aware of my body, it’s needs and how to take better care of it. I learned about the importance of eating well when working out and the importance of keeping your body hydrated.

I was challenged to be consistent and because of the amazing knowledge of my trainer on how to deal with the specific weaknesses in my body, I feel healthy and capable like never before.

The biggest miracle for me is that because I was taught how to work out well and gained so much strength, I so enjoy working out now. I am working out 4-5 times a week on my own now that my 6 months are over and I don’t need anyone to keep my accountable anymore… I love working out at the gym and feel fit and healthy.

I didn’t think this could be possible and I know that without the guidance, encouragement and amazing skills of my trainer I could never have reached this place in my life.

Miriam Rehfeldt