Back to the Red Zone

I hope that you, like me, are starting to feel hopeful moving forward, with COVID in our rear-view mirror. Fingers crossed that it’s more than temporary.

The official word: Hooray! As of Tuesday, February 16th, the Halton Public Health area will move into the Red-Control colour-coded response framework.

Personal Training: You can now book personal training sessions through your trainer – chances are they have already contacted you. Personal training sessions will be held on the hour, for 55 minutes, allowing us time to sanitize after you leave. We need you back!  If you are not comfortable coming into the gym, then please contact me or your trainer and we will set up your sessions on ZOOM.

Surviving: Needless to say, we’ve had to make numerous changes for the business to survive. One of the changes is that we will no longer be using the Mind Body app. For you, the only change is that you will not be receiving appointment confirmations. I expect that you all have your own calendars anyway, and the reminders were really not necessary. HOWEVER: If you do feel you need a reminder, please talk to your trainer and we’ll make arrangements.

Payment Options: I will be contacting you individually regarding payment options as they are changing.

Equipment: If we have loaned you equipment please drop it back at the gym by Monday evening at the side entrance into the sunroom. Text me with details of what you have returned. I will sanitize it all and return it to its proper place. If you can’t drop it off, please text me before Monday and I will arrange to pick it up from you.

First and foremost, please don’t come to the gym if you or anyone in your home has been exposed to a person with COVID-19 or had symptoms within the last 14 days.

The gym will run as it did from August to December 25th last year:

  • You must wear a mask into and out of the building.
  • You must sanitize your hands upon entry and exiting.
  • You can remove your mask when you are in your room with your trainer.
  • Equipment will be sanitized thoroughly before you arrive, and again after you leave.

Personal Workouts: If you wish to come to the gym to workout, you must text (or email) Barb to book a time. Please note that there are more afternoon slots available than morning slots. We will do our best to accommodate you but please be patient as we adjust to the protocols.

Included in your Membership: Take advantage of the 8 classes per week that are available through your membership. Check the website for details.

Extra Offering #1: Sip and Chill Yoga (The next class on Zoom is February 26th at 8 pm) Cost is $15.00 No experience is necessary. Please invite your friends. Join us. Bring a glass of wine or if its a dry February (well done you!) bring a soda water!

Extra Offering #2: Chair Yoga: Next session starts on March 5th for 8 weeks. Cost is $120. plus HST. This is great for people with some mobility issues. This the second session and is a huge success.

Here’s to heath and fitness. Here’s to getting back to the gym! Here’s to setting and meeting goals. To help us rebuild, please follow us (and like us) on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks!

All the best to you and yours and we hope to see you soon…