5 BBQ Belly Busting Tips

  1. Use ground turkey over ground beef. It has more protein and less fat. Ground chicken will also work; however, it isn’t quite as hearty.
  2. Skip the bun. Opt for tomato slices or cut slices of lettuce to act as your bun.
  3. Stay away from mayo, BBQ sauce and ketchup. They are full of preservatives, fat and sugar. Mustard is a fat free and low-calorie condiment that also speeds up your metabolism.
  4. Add Rosemary to any marinades for the barbecue. It will help protect you against the carcinogenic effects of barbecuing.
  5. Keep fresh cut veggies and hummus in the fridge to act as a nice side dish. Skip the potatoes, potato/pasta salad.

By Kelli Irwin